Defence and Nuclear

Expert in Facilities Management, Logistics, Utilities & Industrial Maintenance for the Defence and Nuclear  sectors.

Defence Environmental Services delivers 24/7 continuous availability of a complex, highly responsive and reliable services mix to the defence and nuclear sectors covering industrial, military bases and nuclear sites infrastructures.

Private and public sector installations involved in defence and nuclear services and manufacturing need access to specialist technical services as well as facilities support at competitive rates while also ensuring they meet the strict security and confidentiality requirements of their establishments.

The expert Facility Management joint venture of Veolia and Naval Group is 100% dedicated to serving the complex needs of defense sector clients in industrial, medical, marine and airport infrastructure maintenance and operations.
Veolia and Naval Group launched Defense Environnement Services (DES) a specialised company certified to deliver accredited services in this highly secure environment. DES has extensive experience delivering IFM Contract Services and performing industrial utilities maintenance activities including energy management services. Due to the nature of the sector, reliability, flexibility, reactivity and complexity of support and production services are key to service delivery.

Through DES, Veolia offers solutions which strongly support:

  • Optimizing the utilities and services availability
  • Operating costs reduction and market competitiveness
  • Security and Operational Secrecy protection
  • Minimizing the energy consumption and CO2 generation
  • Meeting process and project milestones

DES makes a unique offer for the Defence and Nuclear sectors combining the experience and knowledge of Naval Group in industrial maintenance with the expertise of Veolia in organisational development, utilities and energy management.

Services are performed under full compliance with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / CERFI E standards and are certified Confidential Defence and Secret Defence for the nuclear sector.