Competitive services, key success factors 

Veolia has been supporting the automotive industry for many years and has built a reputation for excellence through a technical offering and services dedicates to the largest automotive suppliers and manufacturers.


The highly competitive automotive sector requires high-efficient processes and minimising the cost per vehicle manufactured, while respecting environmental (pollution control, CO2 emission reduction) and regulatory requirements, as well as consumer expectations (electric or hybrid cars). 


A full offer serving the automotive industry 

  • Operation and maintenance of all industrial utilities
  • Complete water cycle management
  • Waste and industrial cleaning
  • Logistics / services to buildings and infrastructures
  • Maintenance support for the industrial process

Support services at manufacturing sites, including operation and maintenance of utilities and other production support plant must adapt to variations n actifity, which requires flexibility and responsiveness. 

Manufacturing processes also involve high energy and water consumption, heavy reliance on compressed air and treatment of toxic effluents, together with generation of high volumes of waste, requiring specialist input to ensure good environmental performance.

Our added value

  • A global contract with guaranteed results
  • Single point of contact and integrated services management
  • Performance linked KPIs
  • Comprehensive reporting of our activities
  • A continuous improvement and progress plan
  • Unified approach to improving environmental performance
  • A real industrial culture

Veolia is the ideal partner to help you meet these demands, increasing your overall competitiveness. We have the expertise and resources to support automobile manufacturers to reduce costs and environmental footprint per vehicle manufactured.

Our integrated approach tailors the service to the requirements of each customer to maximise support to production processes and provide the widest scope possible, delivering plant enhancements, coupled with ongoing operation and maintenance and ensuring operational, economical and environmental performance of the plant. 

Benefits four our costumers

  • Reducing cost, energy and CO2
  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance
  • Guaranteeing availability of key utilities
  • Improving water usage, waste management and recycling