Support to Production

A wide range of supporting services to manufacturing on the sites of our industrial customers.

Maintenance to production equipment

  • Drafting of detailed task lists (methodologies, intervention times, production environment and safety, necessary tools, website authorizations required).
  • Planning methods proven in 3 steps: monthly planning, confirmation of operations in preparatory meeting for each transaction launch permit
  • Systematic consolidation of feedback
  • Equipment Inventory Tracking and Calibration Services
  • Full service to manage the exchange of electric motors
  • Reliability Monitoring, rate analysis and causes of failures.
  • Disconnection, Collection and transport to repair site (asynchronous, standard, geared motors, DC motor pumps ...)
  • Project managed replacement and procurement actions

Maintenance of portable and pneumatic tools

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance of portable pneumatic and electric tools (screwdrivers, riveters, sanders, seamers ...)
  • Diagnostic / Repair of faulty equipment, support customer in achieving the following capabilities Q54-4000 or ISO standards.

Infrared thermography and vibration analysis

  • Vibration analysis (monitoring of rotating mechanical assemblies)
  • Infrared thermography for electrical systems, friction analysis and detecting leaks in heat transfer.
  • Ultrasonic analysis for steam leak detection.
  • Noise measurements (working condition).
  • Conveyor chain wear measurements.
  • Various physical and electrical measurements.

Repair of logistics and specialist equipment

  • Containers and trailers
  • Gantry cranes
  • Availability and reliability follow up
  • Regulatory control
  • Lifting Equipment controls