The “France Relance” recovery plan, an opportunity for industrials

The “France Relance” recovery plan,
an opportunity for industrials

Presented by the French Government on September 3, the “France Relance” recovery plan aims at boosting green, social and regional recovery. The objective is not only to recover with growth, but also to shape France in 2030 by investing in promising sectors of the future, such as energy-efficient building renovation, transport, agricultural transition and energy.

This plan offers unprecedented opportunities for manufacturers and the services sector: accelerating the transition to carbon neutrality, optimizing performance of buildings and assets and accelerating digitization to reinvent living and working environments.

A major player in ecological transformation, Veolia is committed to supporting you in seizing these opportunities, in accordance with its strategic program "Impact 2023".

An opportunity for industrial markets

The recovery plan helps manufacturers of any industry, to modernize their tools and processes, to diversify their production or to engage in energy sobriety. Faced with the current crisis, the challenge is to adapt to the economic situation by innovating and thus bolster France’s competitiveness. The plan mobilizes nearly 35 billion euros for industrial markets over the period 2020-2022 around four pillars:

  • decarbonization of industry,
  • (re)location of critical strategic activities,
  • Modernization of productive capacities,
  • Innovation by supporting research and development investments but also by preserving and developing skills.


Turning the crisis into an opportunity to reduce your environmental footprint

You wish to benefit from the recovery plan? Supporting our clients on a daily basis and serving their strategy and organization, reducing their environmental footprint and creating value, together, is at the heart of our value proposition. We assist you throughout the process by identifying eligible criteria and implementing your projects.

In France 20% of carbon emissions

come from industrial activities

€ 1.2 billion invested

by the French Government

for industry decarbonization

We deliver innovative solutions to save energy, preserve resources and use green energies: optimization of energy consumption, heat recovery, waste recovery, process digitalization, biogas reuse, circular economy ... We look at supporting you with bespoke solutions and promoting development of an innovative and sustainable industry.

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