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Services Integration and Investments for Success. Successful outsourcing is most critically dependent on building a relationship with the right partner, with the capability, competence and commitment to deliver the desired outcome. Veolia can demonstrate by example our success in delivering complex projects, integrating global technical and management experience to serve our industrial clients.

Process support in Biotech

Improving process maintenance turnaround to increase plant availability through collaboration and organisation of workflows

Process maintenance activities in the manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals remain among the most challenging tasks to perform during routine turnarounds – working with production to maintain flexibility while achieving operational excellence and meeting stringent compliance with GMP.
Novartis - Huningue
When Novartis were looking for a company capable of spearheading new maintenance practices at their new biopharma manufacturing facility in Huningue they we confident that Veolia would make an excellent partner based on their many years of experience at some of the largest API manufacturing sites for Novartis.

The challenge: Flexibility - Proactivity - Reliability

The Veolia team on site were asked to define and implement a process maintenance schedule that could “flex” to the demands of production under conditions of high variability and high criticality, leading to a demand-led, sequenced process maintenance regime, avoiding the inefficiency and inconvenience of major shut downs in a biopharmaceutical setting.
In addition to process maintenance tasks the Veolia team would be required to accompany and support all regulatory control visits and facilitate maximum facility uptime.

Veolia’s Solution

Deep analysis of the process and maintenance requirements and working closely with Quality and Production departments facilitated the establishment of new workflows and supporting tools to deliver the objectives of the client.The new workflows were strongly supported by additional staffing and achieved a reduction in turnaround time of one week with additional reductions in quality and safety events and overall increasing the availability of production equipment and consequently batch throughput.