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Industrial Utilities

Complete expertise for all your industrial utilities

Utilities generation and distribution are an integral part of production processes and the operation and maintenance of this equipment is vital to manufacturing competitiveness. Veolia are specialists in the management of all necessary utilities to buildings and infrastructure. 

Veolia Industries Global Solutions offer for industrial utilities operations and maintenance either individually or as an integrated package.
  • Industrial Utilities
  • Industrial Utilities
  • Industrial Utilities

Thermal and Cooling Utilities

We cater for operation and maintenance as well as managing day to day compliance obligations for:
  • Boilers for steam production and associated distribution and heat exchange syste
  • ​Centralised heating systems for hot water production and circulation.
  • Cooling and refrigeration system services our experience spans from cooling towers to ultra-cold chilling systems and energy recovery units.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are are at the centre of many production and working environments throughout industry and represent a combination of heat, energy and air control systems with enormous potential to influence the cost and energy usage of a business as well as the implication for regulatory compliance in some industries.  

Gas and Air Utilities

The use of pneumatic controls is widespread in industry and the production, storage and distribution of compressed air represents a significant cost and an opportunity to create saving The increasing use of specialist gases places additional requirements on maintenance and operations organisations with additional production, storage and distribution systems for instance PSA plant for nitrogen.

Water Systems

The production and distribution of purified water and treatment of production waste waters are areas where Veolia occupy a global leadership position. From High Purity Water systems - for Pharmaceutical, Electronics and precision industries to Process Water systems - ensuring in process uniformity, or high quality boiler feed, thermal transfer fluids and corrosion protection we have the in-house ability to design, build, operate and maintain systems throughout the water cycle - Water extraction, purification, storage, distribution, reuse or treatment as process effluent in a wastewater treatment plant.

Electrical Utilities

High Voltage systems - Operation and Maintenance
  • Transformers, Switching
  • Emergency Generators and Backup systems
Medium Voltage systems - Operation and Maintenance
  • Transformers, Distribution networks
Low voltage Systems
  • Backup systems - UPS
  • Network maintenance
  • Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting Systems - compliance testing