Veolia Industries Global Solutions further develops in the energy sector

Veolia Industries Global Solutions announces the take-over of SUDAC Air Service activities, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, specialized in compressed air services for industrials and thus reinforces its “industrial utilities” offer in France. 

Founded in 1879, SUDAC Air Service is a key player in France in compressed air operation, treatment and production services for mid-size companies and leading industrial groups. Compressed air is considered as the fourth industrial fluid and is used as energy source for various tasks such as powering operating tools, industrial robots and pneumatic compression engines, materials cleaning, removal and cooling, and may replace electricity when it proves to be dangerous to use. 

SUDAC Air Service is recognised by industrial customers for its expertise in the design, installation, sale and maintenance of compressed air assets, and its offer covers supply of compressed air on call 24 hours a day with optimization of the customer sites' energy consumption. In 2020, Sudac achieved a €17M turnover and employed 120 people.

Through this acquisition Veolia will support its industrial clients’ ecological transformation more efficiently, by strengthening its expertise in the field of industrial utilities. Sudac’s expertise will expand Veolia Industries’ offer, in particular in the fields of engineering, energy efficiency and digitalisation.
Vincent Martin
Deputy Managing Director of Veolia Industries Global Solutions and President of Sudac

With this transaction, Veolia  Industries takes a new step in the development of energy businesses and completes its network with 11 new agencies in France. This acquisition aims to support industrial clients in their energy transition process and will provide a concrete response to the challenges of efficiency, performance and competitiveness.