Veolia Industries Global Solutions first Hubgrade

The first Veolia Industries’operational performance management centre opened its doors in Rueil Malmaison in 2017. This new development, housing the customer service centre, serves to centralize numerous types of information and expertise. Currently dedicated to our customer PSA, this centre is intended to eventually also serve other customers.
Now fully operational, the Veolia Industries Global Solutions operational performance management centre fits into the “Hubgrade” line, implemented by Veolia. There are currently 19 centres worldwide (Dublin, Budapest, Shanghai, Sydney, Dubai, etc.). Their prime role: to remotely supervise in real-time their customers’ energy facilities.
In concrete terms, indicators pertaining to the activity of each major business are defined in the cockpit control room. The analysts and business specialists study these indicators and then establish a diagnosis, or suggest lines of improvement to the customer. Once in place, the cockpit measures their effectiveness in real-time, adjusting them as necessary, thus closing the continuous improvement loop.