Review of the International Health and Safety Week in Veolia Industries Global Solutions

“I see something you don’t” was this year’s subject of the International Health and Safety Week that took place from 14th to 18th September.


The campaign focused on increasing awareness in risk behaviours, improving how risky situations in the work environment may be improved and how to implement measures to reduce these risks to an acceptable level.

All along the Safety Week, workshops were organized by the HSEQ teams, both at headquarters and locally on our customers’ sites. In Florange, a life size risk hunting in small groups took place, whereas our colleagues in Kundl, Austria, worked on the paper version.


Kundl Team


Digitalisation serving safety

For this 2020 edition, a new e-learning workshop has been launched, aiming at bringing awareness on risk behaviours and guaranteeing safety at work. Around 250 employees registered for this training session.



And efforts are playing off!

On the site of a major manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry in Menges, Slovenia, our colleagues reached 1000 days without accident thanks to regular information and occupational health and safety awareness meetings reminding safety rules such as evaluating and preparing a safe work environment. Learn more by watching the video here !