The Veolia Industries customer portal that allows users to get in touch with their environment

LifePulse by Veolia, connect with your environment! 


The new LifePulse customer portal of Veolia Industries was successfully launched on the PSA Group sites in Poissy (France) on May 27th and 28th. It will be deployed on other sites in the region of the manufacturer in the coming weeks.

Designed to support and resolve user requests for intervention, the new portal is an expanded tool for all occupant uses, beyond the scope of Veolia Industries' own services, to contribute to their comfort and well-being at work. Through a secure and personalized access, the LifePulse portal allows the user to formulate requests and monitor their progress in real time, to evaluate the quality of services and to express their satisfaction, to be informed interventions planned on the site, and their possible impact on the use of the premises, but also to benefit from a documentary archive, to follow the key indicators of the environmental performance of its site and finally to access the "Veolia & You" page to easily get in touch with Veolia Industries on-site and to find out more about our group.

The deployment of the LifePulse portal, which is a component of Veolia Industries' digital roadmap, will continue with other industrial customers in the coming months.