EDF and Veolia deploy a new innovative mobile system in the Tricastin nuclear powerplant

EDF has awarded the Veolia Industries Global Solutions Group, Veolia Water France, AltéAd a market for the deployment, operation and retreat of a mobile system of the PTR circuit (system for the treatment and cooling of the fuel pool). Totally self-sufficient in energy, this new mobile system is an emergency cooling device for the effluents from the fuel pool.

 The missions entrusted to the consortium are the assumption of responsibility for the transport, the deployment and the retreat of the mobile system on 32 900 MWe wafers of the French nuclear fleet. Also included are studies, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the equipment made available.

Designed by EDF as part of the safety review associated with the extension of the operating life of reactors beyond 40 years (VD4 / RP4 900), the mobile cooling device PTR-Bis completes a series of modifications associated with the reinforcement safety standards for 900 MWe nuclear power plants, in accordance with the Nuclear Safety Authority's post-Fukushima regulations.

This mobile system will be made available to the Nuclear Rapid Action Force (FARN) and can be deployed in case of total loss of the cooling system of the fuel pool.

Veolia Industries Global Solutions and Veolia Water France confirm their position on the market for services on Major Safety Equipment (EIS) for nuclear power plants.

 The first operation was held last March on the Tricastin nuclear power plant in the Bouches du Rhône, with success.

 "We particularly appreciate the professionalism of Veolia's teams and their ability to adapt to changes and requirements on the ground. »

Claire CREPIN EDF manager of the PTRbis deployment project with Veolia.