COVID-19 : disinfection of indoor spaces

Misting, spraying, bio-cleaning : reducing the risk of transmission by disinfecting indoor spaces

Veolia offers its customers three types of disinfection with a product that complies with the EN 14476 standard and can be used against Covid-19, depending on the volume and type of surface, and can operate 24/7, in all circumstances:


  • Disinfection of spaces by misting: spraying a disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product as a cloud of very fine droplets. This process allows large spaces such as premises, offices, changing rooms, public transport interiors, etc. to be disinfected.
  • Surface disinfection by spraying: spraying a disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal product in the form of water jets. This process is particularly suitable for treating specific medium and large surfaces that are likely to have been touched by a number of different people – for example floors, furniture, equipment, etc.
  • Bio-cleaning disinfection: all the manual operations for cleaning and disinfecting floors, surfaces and furniture using disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal products. This operation complements spraying and misting treatments and allows floors, furniture and points of contact such as handles, glass partitions, lift buttons, etc. to be treated.

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Our employees involved in this type of project are equipped with single-use PPE (personal protective equipment) (category 3 suits, respiratory protection, ABP3 full face mask, gloves, boots, etc.), are trained to deal with the situation in complete safety, and respect barrier measures.

It should be noted that disinfection is not preventive and cannot replace the use of barrier measures. In fact, a disinfected surface can be contaminated again after treatment. The objective of the Veolia solution is not to eliminate all possibilities of contamination, but to reduce them as far as possible by disinfecting the spaces and surfaces at risk. Customers are therefore free to choose the frequency of disinfection in accordance with their needs.

Veolia operates disinfection on its customers' sites, such as for example NAVAL GROUP's strategic sites in France, as well as on its own sites in order to support the gradual return of employees.