Arcelor Mittal: 15 years of environmental commitment in Brazil

Veolia is bolstering Arcelor Mittal’s commitment to Brazil’s environment by helping the steelmaker capitalize on our most effective technology and unique expertise.
Arcelor Mittal


Arcelor Mittal

A steel processing plant with a smaller environmental footprint

When it acquired a site in São Francisco do Sul in southern Brazil during the early 2000s, Arcelor Mittal – the world’s largest steel producer – was hoping not only to expand its production capacity but also to build a plant that would serve as a model in terms of respect for the environment. The group’s aim was to continue focusing on its chosen field of excellence, steel processing, while joining forces with an international expert in environmental solutions. For this, it chose Veolia. 

A unique approach

Veolia created CLE Brasil, an ad hoc subsidiary that brings together its full range of expertise in waste, water and energy management, and hired a workforce of 60 employees from the local community to handle its aray of services for Arcelor Mittal. The name CLE is in honor of the first French ship to visit São Francisco do Sul, the Consortium L’Espoir, which landed in 1504. 

Veolia managed the project’s financing and construction and currently operates all of the site’s multi-utility installations (complete water cycle, waste treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial gas, electricity and more) on behalf of Arcelor Mittal. The facility boasts ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Security issues are also at the heart of Veolia’s operations and the CLE has not reported any accidents since its creation.

Régis Hahn,
Country Director Brazil

"While supporting Arcelor Mittal’s increase in production, we guarantee the highest standards of service quality and availability and we contribute to reducing their environmental footprint. The CLE is an excellent example of Veolia’s industrial expertise."  

Key figures

  • Water recirculation system for a reuse rate of 98.8%
  • 95% of solid waste recycled

Customer benefits

  • More efficient water and energy consumption
  • Respect for local biodiversity
  • Physical-chemical and biological treatment to reduce impact on the environment
  • Collaboration with community businesses
  • Economic efficiency


  • Multi-technical service; creation of a dedicated subsidiary, CLE Brasil


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95% of
solid waste

More efficient
water and energy