Innovative Facilities Solutions for Industry

Increasing Manufacturing Competitiveness through Innovative Facilities Management.

As companies grow, their facilities portfolios may also expand as they  enter new markets and establish additional operating capacity. With increasing numbers of facilities, comes additional complexity with respect to visibility and control of both costs and risks, needing new approaches by management and possibly new solutions.

Veolia Innovation Accelerator
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Outsourcing initiatives have the capacity to transform the value that businesses can obtain from their facilities while increasing the comfort and productivity of occupants through improvement in services. At Veolia Industries Global Solutions we have been solving the challenges posed to large organisations who wish to initiate or continue their transition to an outsourcing model for non core activities. Our experience in improving resource efficiency as well as our access to a global network of true experts bring insight and innovation that are key to unlocking value in services. Veolia Industries Global Solutions is a multi-site, multi-service Integrated Facility and Utilities Management partner with expertise spanning the operational, geographical and sustainability challenges encountered by our clients. Integrating our experience into proven solutions is key to our success and our drive for continuous improvement demands and helps us deliver innovative solutions.

Veolia develops innovative technologies, creates alternative viewpoints and designs efficient ways of using resources to promote growth and value creation that is sustainable and in tune with the environment.

Our experience of working across different disciplines, industries and countries, combined with our in-house team of specialists and experts, allows us to build tailored solutions to address the key requirements of individual sites while also meeting the demands of corporate leadership.
For each client and site we put in place the most appropriate, best practices and benchmark to our global pool of experts and references:

Example areas of Innovation

  • Continuous improvement through Subject Matter Expert audits of services.
  • Maintenance strategy selection, execution and KPI reporting,
  • Integrated Quality and Management Systems toolbox
  • Data management and supervision/hypervision system
Solutions and Contract structure
  • Personnel and Resource Allocation
  • Business Models.
  • Governance Models
Financial planning
  • More predictable and better visibility of facilities’ cost and risk
Capital Projects
  • Support for technology, design and equipment selection
Integration of multiple solutions - Bringing it all together

The real value of working with Veolia arises from the strength and depth of our experience and our ability to draw together all of the necessary components to create an integrated solution for our clients.
We have developed tried and tested tools, processes and capabilities, which are delivered by our inhouse team. This experience allows us to answer our clients’ requests and deploy an operating solution in the shortest time with high success and no impact on client operations.

The key to success

Successful outsourcing is most critically dependent on building a relationship with the right partner, who has the right capability, competence and commitment to deliver the desired outcome. Veolia can demonstrate our success in delivering complex multi-site, multi-service facilities management outsourcing solutions.