Our commitment to a sustainable future

By building sustainable practices into our solutions we help our clients achieve sustainable outcomes which helps build more sustainable businesses. Veolia Industries Global Solutions fully understand the impact our behaviour and intentions can have on the industries we have the fortune to serve. We are committed to the adoption of practices in our operations which protect our planet, the areas where we operate and our collaborators.

Veolia Industries Global Solutions occupy a unique position within Veolia, with responsibility for integrating multiple services into multi-site contracts for some of the largest companies in the world - we have some of the greatest opportunities to bring sustainable practices.

Resourcing Industries

  • Promoting best practices and advancing the circular economy
  • Reducing energy consumption and promoting water and waste efficiencies we help our clients meet their environmental goals and contribute to combating climate change


Our commitments to sustainable development (4.88 MB)

Resourcing the regions where we operate by:

  • Building new models for relations and value creation with our stakeholders.
  • Employing locally based teams and sustaining local development
  • Offering and continuing competitive outsourcing services crucial to health and development of the business we serve.

Resourcing our people and those of our clients by:

  • Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Encouraging the training, professional development and commitment of each employee and the continuous improvement of our operations.
  • Guaranteeing respect for diversity and human and fundamental social rights.