Integrated Solutions

Bringing together the many talents of a global leader.

Through Veolia Industries Global Solutions, Veolia demonstrates it’s commitment to our Global clients with a responsive structure that mirrors their structure and facilitates high level communication and effective engagement.

The outstanding value of working with Veolia arises from the strength and depth of our management and expertise in services: Water, Waste and Energy, combined with our ability to draw this experience together at a high level to create integrated solutions for our clients. This vision is based on a real desire to apply our knowledge and support our clients’ desire to increase their competitiveness through efficiency.

We believe successful outsourcing is most critically dependent on building a relationship with the right partner, who has the right capability, competence and commitment to deliver the desired outcome.


Our four principal offerings are:

> Integrated facilities management
> Integrated utilities management
> Industrial parks
> Investment projects

These can be seen as adjacent and overlapping based on the desire of our client and reflecting a flexible mix of competency, scale and engagement

Our main outsourcing activities for those clients with existing facilities concern Integrated Facilities Management and Integrated Utilities Management which we differentiate based on the relative requirement for operation and maintenance of key Infrastructure and Utilities assets. Our flexible contract arrangements facilitate the combination of any service mix as determined by the client.

Shared Services and Utilities

For those clients who wish to develop or participate within an Industrial park or shared infrastructure setting we offer our experience in structuring and managing such arrangements.

Investment Support

When it comes to supporting our clients decisions to invest in new infrastructure and utilities Veolia offers a full suite of project management services with the potential for ongoing facility management services.

Supporting Competitive Advantage

Running throughout our service offer is the concept that by creating a uniform facilities and utilities management approach, with appropriate tools, governance and reporting structures, we can support our clients in achieving Enterprise-level Facilities Intelligence (EFI) for increased value creation, better decision making and ultimately a more competitive organisation.