Our team

  • Vincent Martin

    Vincent Martin became Chief Technical Officer of Veolia Industries Global Solutions in 2016 following serving as the Senior Vice President in charge of the North East region for Veolia North America.
    Vincent is a graduate engineer and following service as an Officer on a French Navy patrol boat based in Guyana joined Alstom where he took part in the design and commissioning of power plants around the world.
    Vincent joined Veolia in 1995 where he was responsible for leading technical projects to improve operational performance and to support business development as Corporate Technical Director (Dalkia, 2001 to 2008). Vincent has also managed SourceOne, the engineering branch of Veolia Energy in North America with activities in energy management, energy efficiency and consulting.
    The 1st of April 2019, Vincent Martin was appointed CEO of Veolia Industries Global Solutions.

  • Veronica Capella
    Veronica Capella-Sosson
    Director of Development and Marketing

    Veronica Capella-Sosson is Director of Development and Marketing at Veolia Industries Global Solutions and has 22 years experience managing large scale Utilities and Environmental Outsourcing projects internationally.

    Veronica is a graduate Engineer, specialising in Food Industry Process Technology and following an Early career involving commercial management within an Environmental Consultancy and Teaching, joined Veolia in 1997 as Project Leader on industrial contracts. Veronica moved to Veolia Environment Industries the forerunner of Veolia Industries Global Solutions in 2003 as Project Director with responsibility for the first large scale utilities outsourcing project for an Industrial Client and many subsequent successes. In 2008 Veronica was seconded as Deputy Director General of the world’s largest rooftop Solar project in Spain before returning to take up her leadership of the Major Projects Department in 2010.

  • Daï-Loc Truong
    Daï-Loc Truong
    Chief Financial Officer

    Daï-Loc Truong is the Chief Financial Officer of Veolia Industries Global Solutions with more than 16 years progressive experience of Financial Management in Industry, Utilities and Services.
    Following earlier university training in Electromechanical techniques Daï-Loc obtained a Masters in Financial Management in 2003 and joined Veolia in 2008 with responsibility for management of the Administration and Finance of SENSE. Daï-Loc has managed Veolia Industries Global Solutions Finance and Administration department since 2013.

  • François Laigret
    Francois Laigret
    COO of Industrial Platforms and Chairman of Valorec Services AG

    François Laigret is the COO of Industrial Platforms and Chairman of Valorec Services AG with nearly 25 years of experience in the Energy and Industrial Services Sectors .

    A graduate Engineer, Francois started his career at Alstom in 1992 as Project leader, being promoted to Contract Manager with responsibility for CHP plants. Francois joined Veolia in 2000 as Project Director for Utilities and IFM projects and was responsible for the successful renewal of some of our most important contracts. In 2007 Francois joined Valorec with responsibility for execution of the Novartis contract for Basel sites and became CEO of Valorec in 2010. In 2016 he became Head of Country Operations in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Chairman of the Board of VSAG.

  • Louis Barberger
    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Louis Barberger became Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Veolia Industries Global Solutions in 2012 with strong experience in major multiservices industrial contracts and business unit management.

    Joining the Compagnie Générale de Chauffe (Veolia Energy) in 1987, as an engineer, his first responsibilities concerned implementing automatic regulation solutions for office towers. In 1989 he became commercial engineer responsible for sales of multiservices and energy efficiency contracts throughout Paris.
    Between 1992 and 1997 he held several positions as technical director and operations manager in energy branches of Dalkia before becoming CEO of the FM contract with Alstom and General Electric in Belfort in 1998. In 2004 he became COO and then CEO in 2007 of SENSE, the joint venture created between Veolia and PSA to manage the FM contract for the PSA plants in the East of France.

  • Alban de la Mettrie
    Director of Human Resources

    Alban de la Mettrie is the Director of Human Resources for Veolia Industries Global Solutions with experience spanning more than thirty years in employee development and management.

    Joining the original Compagnie Générale des Eaux in 1985 within the industrial relations and development department Alban became Training Director. In 1990 Alban took responsibility as HR Director (joint) at CGEA. During his time with Veolia companies Alban has had experience in the operations as General Manager for ADC and in 1999 was responsible for the amalgamation of TAIS, Tramsor and ADC.

    In 2002 Alban took up responsibility for the management of the Human Resources department of Veolia Industries Global Solutions.

  • Philippe Buchert
    Sales Director

    Philippe Buchert became Sales Director of Veolia Industries Global Solutions in 2013 and has in excess of 25 years success leading business development with industrial clients at the highest level.
    Philippe is a Graduate Chemical Engineer and following a successful early career with Betz Dearborn joined Veolia in 2001 to create a new model for engagement of the largest Industrial Clients for Veolia Water in the Paris region and soon became Deputy Sales Director. Philippe extended into international markets for services to Industrial Clients across Europe in 2008 becoming Director of Sales at Veolia Water.