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Services Integration and Investments for Success. Successful outsourcing is most critically dependent on building a relationship with the right partner, with the capability, competence and commitment to deliver the desired outcome. Veolia can demonstrate by example our success in delivering complex projects, integrating global technical and management experience to serve our industrial clients.

Maintaining a healthy plant in Italy

IFM scope including hard and soft services provided at an Italian R&D Pharma Centre and Vaccine production facility.

GSK Vaccines Italy
GSK – one of the world’s leading science led pharmaceutical and healthcare companies discovers, develops and produces vaccines at a global scale facility in Siena, Italy. Veolia provide a broad range of services boosting plant resilience, quality and comfort of occupants.

The services we provide:

Broad scope IFM service and maintenance including

  • Maintenance of critical systems: HVAC, chilling & cooling systems, electrical systems
  • Lab services
  • ​Buildings and infrastructure maintenance: security and CCTV systems, plumbing and thermo-hydraulic works
  • Services to Occupants: janitorial, security, canteen and catering, uniforms & laundry, transportation & logistics.

  Client Benefit:
  • 10% savings in the first year and more identified in following years.
  • A comprehensive value based process to manage subcontractor spend.

Health, Safety & Environment
  • Risk assessment and review on yearly basis for all the services provided.
  • Analysis and review of the safety performance for the Veolia Team and subcontractors, within a behaviour based safety program (Always Safe)
  • Supporting Customer for the external audits (AIFA, FDA, RINA)

Quality & Compliance
  • Veolia compliance with client standard operating procedures framed within formal quality agreement at contract level.
  • ​​Strict training plan measured and tracked on a monthly basis for all Veolia and subcontractors staff
  • ​Comprehensive governance, reporting monthly for both financials and technical performance

  • Managed Business Continuity – No Business Interruptions

A strong local expertise mobilized:
  • 60 Veolia employees (including management team)
  • 60 daily subcontractor staff

Structured methodology
  • for executing, measuring and reporting the service level  (KPI impacting the financial results)