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A high-performance power plant

Working in close partnership with AstraZeneca, Veolia designed, installed and commissioned a 23 MW cogeneration plant that meets all the site’s electricity and steam needs.


An on-site power plant

The Macclesfield facility operated by AstraZeneca, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, houses 15 production units that manufacture medicines. In order to maintain consistent production levels, these units require a stable supply of steam and electricity. Cogeneration emerged as the most effective solution for generating electricity from fossil fuels at the site – it enables greater flexibility and production capacity, in line with the company’s policy of safeguarding natural resources.

Reduced CO2 emissions

The new cogeneration plant installed by Veolia, equipped with a gas turbine and steam turbine, will generate more electricity while reducing CO2 emissions by about 39,000 metric tons annually.
If needed, the plant can operate independently of the UK’s national power grid. In addition, it can export surplus electricity to other AstraZeneca sites via the national grid.
Veolia has been tasked with day-to-day operations and maintenance at both the cogeneration plant and the Macclesfield site’s other facilities for producing and distributing compressed air, cooling, process water and nitrogen.

David Gartside
Manager, UK Production Sites, AstraZeneca

“This investment represents a significant step forward for the site’s development and at the same time improves our environmental performance.”

United Kingdom

CO2 reduction of 39,000 t

Lower energy costs

Customer benefits

  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Lower energy costs
  • More reliable supply of electricity and steam



  • Design, construction and operation of a cogeneration plant

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