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Managing the complete water cycle

Managing water to make cost savings, reduce energy bills and cut waste output.

Veolia are the global leader in water, from extraction and pretreatment through to specialist water production, purification and waste water treatment for discharge into the environment. We bring both operational and technology expertise to our clients.
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True Cost of Water

The use of Water in Industry as a raw material or process fluid is ubiquitous. Its extraction, purification, use, treatment and disposal represent considerable costs for most companies. Decision-makers in industry are looking for simple, practical means to determine their real water cycle costs. Veolia have devised a range of solutions to assess your “True Cost of Water,” and provide an economic assessment of the risks and benefits related to the use of water in industrial processes which facilitate the evaluation of evidence based solutions to minimise your costs and environmental impact.
The Water Impact Index

Water Production

For all process, product and analytical water needs from pretreatment to production of pharmaceutical compendial validated waters Veolia work with our clients to manage the operation and maintenance of your water systems ensuring availability of the required supply while working to reduce water consumption and environmental impact.
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Effluent Treatment

The effective treatment of process effluents for discharge or reuse is an integral part of the production process. Veolia expertise in the operation and maintenance of effluent treatment plants provides Veolia Industries Global Solutions with in-house expertise and direct technical backup in operations - for optimising as well as enhancing process resilience and robustness.

Strategic Value of Water

We believe that the effective use and management of water in all its forms has the potential to create significant value and strategic potential for those companies who take the time to understand how its integration relates to their business and industrial ecosystem.