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Energy Management

Saving energy, money and the environment

Manufacturing businesses consume vast amounts of Energy representing significant direct and indirect costs. The efficient management of this energy from source selection to use can generate enormous savings, competitive advantage and credibility.
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Management

The production and use of energy carries with it cost, risk and complexity.
From heavy industries like steel and automobile manufacturing to the food & beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, Veolia have demonstrated expertise in designing, building and operating energy systems that are cost-effective and environmentally sound and backed by the best available technology, including the use of biomass, biogas, recovered energy and efficient combined heat and power (CHP)systems.

Veolia Industries Global Solutions assists our clients in the management of their current energy resources and with their long term energy planning, embracing the technical, social and financial aspects. Veolia Industries Global Solutions manages carbon quotas and draws on the expertise of our Energy specialists to devise tailored solutions based on energy demand, future needs, regulatory considerations and locally available resources and improving financial and operational performance.

Energy Related Services

  • Expertise to operate, Maintain and Optimise energy assets
  • Expert, distributed building energy monitoring and management through Hubgrade - Veolia’s in-house energy control tool
  • Implementation of formal Energy management systems (ISO50001)
  • Co funded environmental solutions including biomass, biogas, waste to energy, Energy recovery and CHP systems
  • Managing carbon quotas

Hubgrade is a hypervision system and a management service that combines intelligence and interactivity to control the efficiency of buildings and infrastructures. Hubgrade is a genuine regional “intelligence” center which combines the rapidity of information technologies with a targeted capacity to intervene on the ground using Veolia technicians working in contact with customers. Designed as a truly integrated management platform, Hubgrade allows the real-time collection of data and their analysis by Veolia’s best experts via a digital network. In terms of energy efficiency for buildings, Hubgrade generates up to 15% of additional energy savings in comparison to existing energy services available on the market.

Three key benefits

  • Guaranteed availability of facilities through detailed service commitments.
  • Secure energy mix and supply with respect to quantity, quality, price and availability.
  • Reduced energy and carbon footprints of industrial operations.