Buildings Services and Maintenance

Streamlining building services with facilities support.

The upkeep of buildings and building support systems through properly planned maintenance regimes, enhances occupant experience and comfort as well as reducing the need for unplanned interventions which could disturb daily workings.
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Preparing for and responding to the myriad of preventative and corrective maintenance tasks associated with modern buildings is at the heart of a functional facilities strategy. 
At facilities across Europe, Veolia have been charged not only with the electrical and mechanical maintenance of technical utilities and systems, but also the ongoing maintenance of building fabric, specialist services and life safety systems. From roofing to fire detection and prevention systems our engineering expertise allows us to put in place the required regime so that our clients can be confident of compliance with corporate as well as local safety rules and practices.
The greatest value from formal Building Services and Maintenance planning is knowing that the value of the building is preserved and the quality of service and comfort experienced by occupants is also enhanced. The following list represents just a few of the many maintenance services Veolia offer to our clients:
  • Roofing, Cladding and Glazing maintenance.
  • Door systems, manual and automatic and entry systems.
  • Loading/Unloading areas, dock levellers
  • Passenger and Freight Lifts and Escalators
  • Interior and Exterior finish (decor)
  • Fire detection and protection systems