Veolia Industries Global Solutions

A leader in Integrated Solutions for Industry

For companies with multiple facilities located across different countries or regions Veolia Industries Global Solutions provides tailored outsourcing support to manage Facilities Services, Utilities, Energy, Water and Waste.

Established for more than twenty years Veolia Industries Global Solutions brings a wealth of experience in managing and operating on site services for local and international industrial clients. With key expertise in Facilities Management, Sustainability and Energy Management, backed by the global presence of Veolia and with a high degree of self delivery we are well placed to match the evolving demands of our clients.  Global in outlook and staffed by an experienced international team we deliver a range of solutions to our clients in the following areas:
- Integrated Utilities Management - IUM
- Integrated Facilities Management
- Industrial Park Management
- Support to production
Our five commitments to bring value to our industrial clients are:
Our Commitments
The results our clients can expect are:
  • Increased performance from operating and maintenance activities.
  • Continuous improvement and Innovation in service delivery.
  • Optimisation of asset management.
  • Competitive advantage from a uniform, value driven facilities strategy.
  • Single contract structure for multi-facility asset governance.
  • Agility to adapt to changes in the client’s portfolio.
  • Consistent asset risk appraisal, reporting and mitigation.
  • Accurate and consistent facilities reporting for compliance.
  • Contribution to Environmental and Sustainability performance goals.
  • Information for long term capital planning.
  • Potential to increase capital efficiency.
  • Freedom of top team to concentrate on core business initiatives.

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