An industrial complex powering and maintaining world class manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Basel

Managing a broad range of services on a multi-site multi-client industrial platform.


One of the landmark manufacturers in Basel, Novartis was looking for a partner to manage the supply of utilities to multiple facilities while meeting stringent environmental and economic targets. The enduring result has been a model for industrial cooperation and shared success.


The challenge

  • Support Novartis in the evolution of its industrial platform based in Basel,
  • Integrate the facilities’ technical complexity,
  • Continually strive for economic efficiency,
  • Successfully manage the social transfer of 320 employees.


Veolia’s solution

  • Create a dedicated Veolia subsidiary company : Valorec Services AG to transfer personnel into a unique entity
  • Purchase assets: hazardous waste incineration plant
  • Manage a complex energy cycle on four different sites of the industrial platform
  • Extend the services to third-party clients and mutualize costsCapitalize on a powerful used solvent recycling solution thanks to 19 distillation towers with a capacity of 20 000 tons of hazardous liquid waste treated each year.


The benefits for our client

  • Service continuity and quality consolidated on a highly technical multi-site scope while adapting to site evolutions
  • A successful development approach with regard to third-party clients, implementing shared values between partner clients and Valorec.
  • The complete voluntary “zero social default“ integration of 320 employees into the Valorec company.

In 2016, Novartis has renewed its trust in Veolia, and extended the cooperation that has linked the two companies for more than 14 years, by again entrusting Veolia with the management of utilities at Novartis' production sites in Basel (Switzerland), the company's historic headquarters, as well as the management of infrastructure and utilities at its largest sites in Western Europe.


See how Veolia manage solvent recovery for process use or incineration

38 M m3
Industrial water 

20,000 tons
Waste incinerated

10,000 tons
Solvents processed