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LG Lotte Petrochemicals - Daesan (South Korea)

The challenge

HPC, now LG/Lotte Petrochemicals, was looking for a partner to sell its assets and award operation and maintenance of its process and drinking water.

Those facilities supply the entire Daesan Petrochemical Complex with RO water, demineralized water, cooling water and domestic water.

  • Bring expertise to improve the operation of the facilities
  • Meet water quality standards
  • Ensure service reliability and optimize the process to save cost and enhance quality

Veolia Environnement's solution

  • Operate the largest reverse osmosis units in Asia and providing the Daesan complex with pure water and demineralized water for chemical production
  • Increase the plant efficiency, technical performance and reliability and achieved a significant upgrade of the facilities that lead to cost efficiency and higher quality
  • Take over the facilities' existing staff and bringing in some Veolia Water employees in order to benefit from experience sharing
  • Ensure a constant high quality water
  • Guaranteeing the absence of water supply disruption as it would imply the interruption of the whole chemical production process

The benefits

  • This long-term partnership allows LG/Lotte Daesan Petrochemical to:
    - focus on its core business,
    - transfer the reliability and risk management.
  • This is one of the largest contracts of this kind in the world.
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